About Via mosel’

Via mosel' brings together the three Moselle nations France, Luxembourg and Germany by highlighting its wine architecture. A jury of experts has selected the most beautiful wine estates and villages for their touristic quality and remarkable architecture. The Via mosel' route lines up the favourites of the Moselle valley without borders like a string of pearls.
Of course, you are welcome in the wineries and wine villages all year round. Plan your short holiday, your three-country trip or an extended motorhome tour with our website

Till september 2021 the Via mosel’ project was supported by the European Economic Interest Group, Terroir Moselle and funded by the European cooperation programme Interreg Grande Région and by regional co-financing in all three countries.
In the meantime, Via mosel' has become an independent tourism programme, which is supported by the participating wineries, wine villages and regional partners.

Travelling on Europe's 1st international wine architecture route

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Be inspired by the pictures on our website and choose your favourite stops on the Via mosel’.
The icons will help you to find out what each winery or wine village has to offer: Wine sales, wine tasting, dining options, pleasant overnight stays, guided tours with the winegrower and/or tour guide.
Take a digital stroll through our picture gallery and plan your personalised trip along the Mosel(le).

Let us show you the most beautiful places

Would you like to experience the most beautiful wine architecture and the tastiest wines with a real Moselan?
Then book a ‘Via mosel’ guide and start your adventure together.
Here are a few initial ideas:


Christiane Beyer and Alexander Schumitz = Saar.Wein.Kultour
    Saarburg (DE) , Kanzem (DE)
              Winery Würtzberg, Winery Piedmont, Winery Reverchon (DE)

Carmen Müller  
               City of Trier and surroundings
               Winery Vereinigte Hospitien

Marlene Bollig
               Neumagen-Dhron (DE)

Stefan Britz
                Weinmanufaktur Van Volxem (DE)
                 Trier & Saar (DE)

Claudia Müller
                 Ürzig (DE)

Johanna Strotmann-Breiling
                  Trier (DE), Bernkastel-Kues (DE), Luxembourg (LUX) ....
                  Winery Thanisch, Lieser (DE)
                  Cycling tours, wine tours....

Hans Jonas
                   Longuiche (DE), Trier (DE) Luxembourg (LUX), ....
                   Winery Longen-Schlöder (DE), ....

Hans-Peter Kuhn
                    Bernkastel-Kues (DE), Luxembourg (LUX), Trier (DE), Greater Region (FR, LUX, DE, BE)
                    Dr H. Thanisch (DE)

Office Regional du Tourisme Moselle Luxembourgoise (ORT)
the little village Ehnen       
Wellenstein & Domaine René Bentz
the little village Ahn & JK Winery
Wormeldange, the Moselle & Domaines Vinsmoselle


Toul and its villages
Metz and its villages

Further assistance in finding your Moselle holiday destination is available on request via the contact form.

The EEIG Terroir Moselle The EEIG Terroir Moselle

The EEIG Terroir Moselle

Founded in 2013 in the symbolic commune of Schengen in Luxembourg, the European Economic Interest Group Terroir Moselle is composed of 19 member organisations from the viticulture, tourism and institutional sectors in France, Luxembourg and Germany. Its goal is to develop cross-border cooperation between the three countries and to help wine companies raise their profile. The EEIG has been supporting the Via mosel’ wine tourism project since November 2018.