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Radio Road Show with Christian Schmit from RTL Radio Luxembourg

Via mosel' was on the road in the border triangle with reporter Christian Schmit from Radio RTL Luxembourg and took a closer look at wineries and ...

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Moselle and Via mosel' guides - Interviews with Erwan Nonet

Erwan Nonet presents various guides of the international Moselle in Quotidien this summer. Of course, the Via Moselle guides are not to be missed. He ...

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Moselle wine at the centre of a cross-border tourism project - Republican Lorraine

It aims to highlight the wine-growing regions of Lorraine, Luxembourg and Germany around the theme of architecture.

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Boundless - Pearl necklace of wineries: What lies behind the Via mosel' tourism project

Wine, architecture and the Moselle: the first cross-border tourism project Via mosel' is dedicated to this triad. 28 wineries from the Trier ...

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