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115, route du Vin
L-5401, Ehnen
Phone : +352 75 88 88

Ahn – Natural Sanctuary and Palmberg Wines

Fine crémants are the speciality of winegrowers from the Grand Duchy. Yet all along the 40 kilometres of the country's wine route you'll find not only fine bottles, but also a series of small and enchanting villages. Tiny Ahn is surely among the loveliest of them.

The 200-soul community enthrals with nostalgic flair, flower-decked lanes and well-maintained vintner houses, most from the period around 1900. A marked hiking path leads from town across the Palmberg, offering wonderful views out over Ahn and the Moselle.

Palmberg wines have made this winemaking village famous far beyond its own country's borders.


The vineyards have long been known for unusual Rieslings with floral aromas. Yet they hold other treasures in store as well.

The site’s name derives from the Luxembourgian word “Pällem”, referring to the holy boxwood branches traditionally used in place of palm fronds on Palm Sunday.


The tree typically thrives only in warm southern Europe, but has its own unique little copse here on this famous hillside in Luxembourg.


Wild orchids also grow here between the rows of vines.


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115, route du Vin
L-5401, Ehnen
Phone : +352 75 88 88

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