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D-54470, Wehlen
Phone : +49 (0)6531-500190

Wehlen: The Sundial Town

Wehlen is a technically a district of Bernkastel-Kues, yet feels more like an independent village.

A series of renowned winegrowing estates are situated in stately villas directly along the river. The sole suspension bridge found anywhere on the Mosel links them to the vineyards on the opposite bank.


The Late Gothic tower of the Catholic Parish Church of St. Agatha rises dramatically in the centre of town. Another eyecatcher: the well-preserved “Kerpensche Haus”, a heavily adorned half-timbered house from 1614.

When strolling through Wehlen, be sure to note the 50+ sundials gracing the house walls and gardens. A careful eye will discover horizontal sundials, cubical sundials and even spherical sundials.

The tradition started with Jocodus Prüm, who in 1842 set a stone timekeeper with a metal rod into his vineyard. Today the world-class “Wehlener Sonnenuhr” is a calling card for the entire Mosel region. It produces elegant white wines that can of course be enjoyed directly at Wehlen's winegrowing estates or seasonal wine taverns.


Outside the city centre, across from Zeltingen-Rachtig, the Kloster Machern brewhouse offers a distinctly Mosel take on sacral architecture and beer.


A fine reminder that there’s always a surprise in store, even in Wineland Mosel.


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D-54470, Wehlen
Phone : +49 (0)6531-500190

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